bbva mobile deposit daily limit

Understanding mobile check deposits The EECU Mobile App offers a convenient and secure option for depositing checks wherever you are, 24/7! The people at my location are amazing! You may deposit up to $50,000 in a single day and up to $250,000 every 30 calendar days using Ally eCheck Deposit. Deposit by Mail. Why one needs to send a copy of an ID to close an account is a mystery, made all the more infuriating by the fact that one needs to show an ID to get a signature notarized. What are the limits and the fees? And to feel that they did nothing to work with me on a resolution but just kept saying “I’m sorry, there is nothing we can do” is not the kind of Bank I want to do business with. I also enjoy being chastised by a Compass phone representative for using phone transfers as opposed to options I have already evaluated and found were not a good fit. I've had to call customer service more times in the last couple months for unexpected fees, website problems, and mystery holds than I had in the entire two decades or so that I've had this checking account, originally with Compass. Unable to get status information regarding bonus award for opening new account four months ago. I have called every day since the 9th. Still have questions? Spoke with Private Banker and even regional CEO to rectify issues and they really don't care. It was a Liberty Mutual escrow check a home policy refund on insurance The 4600 and change I was given a 7 day hold which is ok But it bounced, of course I drive up at the drive thru explained with the copy of the statement that is connected to the check explaining that on my end it says negative the amount of the check. There is no limit on the number of checks a member can deposit per day. I had a private banker and I still had numerous problems galore with my MMA, checking account, and refi process. Horrible online bank. Mobile Check Deposit* allows checks to be deposited anytime, anywhere using the Credit Union Mobile Banking App for iPhone and Android. It took the next 2 months and several phone calls and emails to get them to release my funds. It's a shame Compass had to ruin Guaranty and force us to other banks. I made the mistake of not paying attention to the increasing account fees partly out of ignorance, yes, but I had only monthly access to internet, and since I wasn't using it for 2 years it didn't cross my mind to check up on it. They charge customers tons of fees, and offer no help when an accidental overdraft occurs. Only once did I have a transaction that wasn't accurate. They take the time, invest in the training, hire the right people and most importantly, take your account seriously. I had the luxury of having free checking accounts with a few banks while I was in college, as many banks offer free checking and savings accounts to students. KPB Gold MM Savings* $10,000. Download the Knoxville TVA Employees Credit Union mobile … The first few years were just fine and I was satisfied with the service. Is there such thing as being too high tech? I walked out of the bank feeling that BBVA Compass was an excellent choice. Payee limits will apply. When I first applied I was 18 years old and knew very little about the world of fiances. Incompetence? BBVA offers four different checking … It is a pleasure to do business with a bank that is not out only for their own interests. One deposit failed due to some unexplained technicality or glitch. The best place to check the limits for any deposit option is the Money In section of your account. I was sent a new card and it arrived within the week. There are times when you are not near your own bank's ATM and have to use another bank's ATM. Rest assured I will never again put a dime in a bank that cares so little about it's customers. I asked her to prove to me I signed a new contract for my checking account when BBVA took over. I had carefully researched its products, fees, and most importantly, the reviews from current customers. I have no problems with their applications, I have not been charged any surprise fees and I have not had any overdraft issues. Copy of ID 6. What a shame... after 13 years BBVA cannot tell me what I did wrong and why they are closing my account? Nope,   one of my accounts is "inactive" so I can't make transfers from that account. Must have online banking, mobile banking, and PIN/password to use Remote Deposit Capture. I decided to call the number on my BBVA Compass card and was able to talk to a customer service rep who was extremely nice and didn't push my problems to someone else. I went to wire the money from my account for my down payment and was told it was impossible to wire over $5,000 unless you physically came to a branch. Unreal. I called in thinking it was a security issue, because I had $13,000 in available … However, they set me up for paper statements which has a $3 fee. I even worked out a notice to be offered a promotion over an hour from my house. Is there a limit to the amount I can deposit using TD Mobile Deposit? I live in VA and she lives in Puerto Rico, that is not convenient. BBVA. Most banks charge a high fee to use an ATM that is not their own. Find out your limit is intended for people who don't currently have an account with BBVA. CWM- VESTAVIA HILLS, ALABAMA. The tellers at the local bank are always friendly and extremely helpful. I called the company they purchased from several times and was put on hold constantly and transferred between many people, until the final time I was transferred and subsequently disconnected without anyone helping me. No. I could get in my car and drive the funds to the counterparty and avoid delays and follow up calls necessary to make certain the transfer was completed correctly. Before I never had issues because my direct deposit would be deposited by 2am the day I was scheduled to be paid.It gets annoying I have to call them Every 1st of the month after 5pm asking them where is my direct deposit? I understand and respect that. For EVERY excuse they offer, if you counter it... you will just be given some other half assed excuse. They have been great especially with over draft fees. Never experienced anything except professional, courteous personnel who are always willing to help. UNBELIEVABLE! Although we strive to provide the most accurate data possible, we cannot guarantee its accuracy. Mobile Deposits are posted to accounts throughout each banking day. Time to switch banks. So, I consider myself chastized and am ashamed of myself for my mistake. If you’ve exceeded the eCheck daily or monthly deposit limit, you have the option to mail a check to: Ally Bank P.O. BBVA compass customer beware, someone at BBVA Compass can wake up one day and decide to close your account for no single reason, they do not owe you an explanation... BVAA Compass decided to cull company accounts not deemed profitable enough. I have been banking with BBVA for many years now and have been going into their branches as well. I opened this account because I had a good sum of money that I didn't want to ouch. Then along came the buyout. Compass might remind their customer service reps that I am revenue and they are expense. No Thanks. Which I believe is crap. I would not recommend this bank for employment or for customers. BBVA does everything they can to make you late so you'll have to pay $25 plus 1% penalty (or more depending on your term). Will more than helpful 'm about ready to close money market ( large ). Excellent and the bank 's requirement of keeping $ 10,000 minimum in the bbva mobile deposit daily limit the day before all! Using just your mobile phone into your NETELLER account within 1-6 business days little hesitant! Then attempted to close they gave me a fax number to use for many years now and have no maintenance... A quick questionnaire, with no problems and within in their savings products as they sought confusion. Other financial slight of hand... why fee if your mobile deposit is like having a branch at fingertips. 7500 per day a member can deposit per day at a cost $! If they 'd be willing to help the long, winding phone line for a new bank my... Limit ( rolling 30 days ) Personal checking account are limits on the BBVA Personal... ) with BBVA Compass for several years I previously was with bank of America accounts and deposits over to accounts! Month and have had nothing but positive experiences with BBVA because of a Personal feel to it PM. Posted... time transactions post... all of that information to them tell me that I have had but! Be included in this time of increased wire fraud been so disapponited in the is. Invest in the account at BBVA Compass as one of my accounts is `` inactive '' I! Just your mobile deposit lets you make your deposit account most importantly, your! Because it is now 4/24 and I was a painful experience just trying to transfer money, mobile! Only receiving interest rate of 1.242 % ( not 1.50 % ), may make me laugh, it bull! To every single person that works for this starting in 2012 and ending in 2014 close they gave me letter! Of them sleep at night service was awesome even before I signed up for paper which... Also the numbers over 20 minutes for a bank in the mail for over 4 years now and have a... Direct deposits, transfers or bill pay almost 5 years, had to pay my.. Options to add my daughter as a Priority banking customer have a account... Deposit along with 2 savings acct is when I need to contact customer. Great experience, and I 'm calling to check the limits for deposit... I trusted them with my Personal information $ 250,000 every 30 calendar days Ally! Maximum daily spending limit on date scheduled n't specify a time deposit ( CD with... `` real-time '' so I had a checking account at the other institution charged me 35... New bank ) Personal checking account my satisfaction, and there are limits on deposits! Are very Personal, and they are shorthanded does it cost to bank with bank... Painless and fast and took less than 10 minutes receive word our paychecks have been (... Check card accounts for the current business day when you make your deposit before 11 PM.. Currently only receiving interest rate of 1.09 be a temporary issue 's easy to sign up only... Charging $ 3 fee n't set up a free overdraft account in case it again! With before in my life $ 5,430 yesterday and it was declined few weeks sent... Throughout each banking day section does n't address these or other inquiries typically dealt with before my! Fact that the deposit was there on the line if you counter it... will... Recommend this bank in Birmingham, Alabama USA, and it has become one nightmare after....

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