why does bane wear a mask in the comics

In fact, while a normal person under the effects of Titan is turned into a raging, psychotic beast, Bane (due to his extreme intelligence and will, and his previous usage of Venom and the TN-1) retained much of his intelligence and personality. Desperate, Roman had the staff chemists create a product that was rushed to the market without proper testing, disfiguring several hundred women. Bane was then left helpless as Batman destroyed the last of the Titan. But upon seeing how the drug cartels had used Venom to devastate his country, and killed countless innocent lives including children, Bane decided to renew his war on Venom and all who supplied it. First Appearance Titan Compound, abundant in supply at the Joker's base of operations (the Sionis Steel Mill). Moments before a conclusion could be reached, Batman told Bane that the latter had "just ran out of time," and referred to the two police helicopters that had arrived under the anonymous contact of Alfred, and which were eventually blown apart by Bane's army, who had used their own stolen helicopters. comics, Black Mask extorts Bruce Wayne into making a deal with him, and attempts to take complete control of Gotham's criminal underworld by ridding it of its other villains. Bane was about to kill the officers, but Azrael quickly came to their rescue. However, Batman placed a tracer on Bane, that went seemingly unnoticed by him. "[14] Roman Sionis is first seen in Arkham Asylum's infirmary being treated by Dr. Jeremiah Arkham during the Night of the Owls; Sionis attempted a hunger strike to try and regain his mask. One of Bane's soldiers, alongside 20 other escapees, had also escaped Blackgate shortly thereafter (thanks to the Joker's earlier riot), and made plans with Bane's other henchmen to rescue him (as he had failed to bust him out in his earlier escape largely because he was unable to save both himself and Bane). But during the events of Arkham Knight, Bane, like most of the other main villians, had undergone a significant change in personality. Full Name Bane, and most of Blackgates prisoners, escaped. The CGI scene that shows Bane lifting Batman above his head and preparing to toss him through the window of the, On a related note, one of the game over quotes from TN-1 Bane has Bane stating. Under his mask Bane has a shaved head, and scars whose shape roughly approximates the patterns on his mask. Finally, he staged a raid against Blackgate itself to escape, by sending armed thugs and causing a prison riot. Black Mask appears in issues #35–37 (storyline "Evidence Notice") of Batman: Arkham Unhinged, the prequel tie-in comic book to the video game Batman: Arkham City.[29][30][31]. While he was in prison, Amanda Waller was still interested in Bane for her Task Force X and started developing an upgraded Venom System in several labs thoughout Gotham. Batman made his way to the Panopticon, and found the Joker holding Warden Joseph hostage with Bane at his side. Black Mask then continues to threaten the most important people in Catwoman's life, prompting her to retaliate by shooting Black Mask's jaw with her gun, killing him. Bane is believed to be traveling with a large group of his fellow escapees. They decided to destory 6 containers each and when they met back up, they were attacked by either Joker's Henchmen or the TYGER Guards (depending on whether the main story was finished at the time this mission was done). After he defeated Bane, Batman left the assassin unconscious and hung upside-down and was later apprehended following the Joker's own defeat and recapture by the GCPD. After he claimed that he would be break Bane "this time", Batman summoned the Batmobile by remote control to their position and kicked Bane into its path. I have marked the entry door. - Bane is more durable. Black Mask then threatened Circe into rejoining him, giving her a "mannequin" mask intentionally designed to mock her former life. - Bane defeats opponents with one blow . When Trump does whatever he does, I suspect we will live to see things that will shake the Culture. When partaking, he displayed intense narcissism, manifesting as megalomania and a competitive preoccupation with Batman. Bane before the GCPD arrived at the Royal Hotel. Joker's plan was to have Dr. Penelope Young study him and the effects of Venom on the human body, so that she could develop a more powerful variant of the formula known as Titan. In The Batman Strikes! The Joker had Commissioner Gordon kidnapped and taken to the Medical Facility where Bane was being held drained of Venom and was left withered and helpless. Somehow, Bane gained the loyalty of many of the guards and the staff of the prison who managed to provide him with some Venom. Getting angry, Bane began firing a massive machine gun at Batman, and didn't care whether he hit his own men or not. Gotham City Santa Prisca Bane was seen rampaging through the chaos and possibly killed Killer Frost by throwing the GCPD cruiser that she was trying to get away into a wall, and caused it to explode. Poison Ivy waded into the fight, and claimed that Batman was worth more to her in the hands of Penguin or Catwoman than Bane. [4][5] Black Mask will appear in the second season of Batwoman. Black Mask (Roman Sionis) is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC Comics. After he followed the tracer, Batman arrived at Bane's Underground Field Headquaters, where he found the abandoned tracer beside some computers that contained evidence that Batman and Bruce Wayne were one and the same (it repeatedly played the line: "You just ran out of time" said by Bruce Wayne to Vicki Vale at the beginning of the game, and by Batman to Bane after their last fight). [12], In September 2011, The New 52 rebooted DC's continuity. After he overdosed with the TN-1 (a stronger, but experimental version of Venom) in Arkham Origins, Bane suffered memory loss and, while under its influence, his rage clouded his judgement. During the Gotham Underground storyline, dozens of would-be crime bosses attempt to fill in the vacancy created by Black Mask's death. When Damian Wayne intervenes in their meeting, the villains knock him into unconsciousness until Dick Grayson saves him. The vampiric Dark Knight tears through Black Mask's minions, even tearing a man's head off with his mouth, and is later shown leaving the Society's severed heads outside Blackgate Penitentiary. Height After the shooting, Selina Kyle passes the mantle of Catwoman to her friend Holly, who is soon arrested for Sionis' murder. He controls a large portion of Gotham's criminal underworld until the city is destroyed by an earthquake in the "No Man's Land" story arc. Bane, along with several other villains were released by the Joker at the end of the film. He is determined to best Batman, and all others who challenge him. After he rescued Gordon, Batman then entered Bane's holding room in the Experimental Chamber. 5 collects Detective Comics #612-#614, #616-621 and Annual #3 (#615 is part of a three-issue crossover with Batman).These are all from the Alan Grant/Norm Breyfogle/Steve Mitchell Batman team, … Bane then barely declared that he must find the Bat Man, which caused Batman to sarcastically tell him good luck with his goal. As Black Mask returns to continue torturing the Spoiler for entertainment, he finds that she has escaped and subsequently tracks her down. While no records have been found to substantiate this, rumors alleged that Bane was born and raised within the prison walls - a seemingly impossible feat in the all-male penitentiary. His antisocial upbringing has given him an intensely focused mind. Black Mask demands the young man to "make his bones" first by crashing a masquerade ball being held at Wayne Manor. The Jesuit priest told him that he dreamed of Gotham, that his father had the same dreams before he died, claimed that their people's destinies would be fulfilled in that place, and how refugees from Santa Prisca helped build Gotham City 300 years ago. Asking her why she was really there, Shiva remained elusive which prompted Bane to try and threaten her. Bane had many powerful melee takedowns, had speed that terrified his adversaries and possessed an enormous endurance, which made him the most powerful character in Arkham Origins. Officially, Bane was listed as an escapee from Blackgate to cover-up his transfer (Batman and the GCPD were led to believe that he had escaped Blackgate). Fugitive/Professional Criminal Bane then began to not only sell Venom as a drug on the streets to find suitable followers and increase his numbers, but also experimented with the compound to create an even more potent variation of Venom known as TN-1, which would have eliminated the need of a storage tank. Having tested it out on numerous followers, many of which horrifically mutated and perished, Bane learned that one of the side effects was severe memory loss. When the elevator door to the Penthouse opened, Bane tore Batman from the elevator roof, beat him, brought him to the Joker, and reluctantly gave them one minute to talk (which was due to the Joker's threat of detonating the Royal Hotel first while Batman, Bane, and himself were still inside when Bane attempted to kill Batman first). After long months of painful withdrawal, he returned to Santa Prisca looking for a new start. The mask is such a Game-Breaker that … 120395651: Uncle Grandpa hates Snoy: What an absolute Chad, even he knows Playstation is kusoge. Bane had already acquired six containers and had Batman destroy the ones that he couldn't obtained himself so he really would have all the Titan in his possession at the end. Most believe this was a result of his abuse of performance enhancing drugs, including the popular narcotic, Venom. Milk whoever they can. Combined with a keen mind, this makes Bane an extreme threat. Bane just before he executed a Joker Elite. His identity is eventually revealed to be Dr. Jeremiah Arkham, who took up Roman Sionis' mantle after suffering a psychotic breakdown from exposure to a variety of mind-altering chemicals from various Batman villains. [26], Black Mask appears in Batman: Gotham Adventures, the accompanying comic book series to The New Batman Adventures animated series, set within the DC animated universe. However, despite doing it enough to temporarily stun him, Bane managed to recover quickly, and punched Batman through a wall. With Ivy's help, Bane was temporarily defeated, but then both he and Ivy escaped. In combat, Bane had no special abilities, he was marked, his health bar did not regenerate, and he did not respawn after being defeated. Black Mask was not amongst the criminals who followed the Joker in searching for the one behind the breakout and thus never took part in the "war" against Batman's allies and loved ones. Batman: The Dark Knight Detective Vol. Bane and Batman battled it out with the interference of Joker's Henchmen. While Robin investigated the prison posing as a street crook, Bane invaded the Museum, confronted the Penguin about his supply of the Titan, and demanded that it be handed over to him. Determined to build a criminal empire, he sought out Batman and broke the Dark Knight's spine. However, Black Mask murders Orpheus by slitting his throat, and proceeds to torture the Spoiler to obtain information about the rest of her plan. Bane was then once again imprisoned, this time alongside Riddler who was rather upset with his new cell mate. Witnesses report observing temporary changes in musculature and bone structure in certain circumstances, but without physical proof this is regarded as unreliable testimony/exaggeration and highly unlikely. Bane had a group of followers living in the sewers at the 'Church of Santa Prisca' where dozens of Santa Priscan soldiers that he had smuggled across the border were following his dream of turning Gotham into a paradise for his people. Bane was held in Stone Ridge Penitentiary. Bane's ambitions would be set in motion when the prison owners and doctors sought to use him, and recognized his position as the prison's leader among the inmate population, to test out military experiments that primarily dealt with the chemical compound known as 'Venom', which could increase an individual's muscle mass, stamina, durability, and adrenal levels to inhuman levels. Black Mask later infiltrates Oracle's Clocktower in an attempt to expose her to the mob, and Batman attacks him in a blind rage. The ability grants Bane highly developed musculature that generates fewer fatigue toxins than the musculature of most other humans, enabling him to gain greater endurance. However, Bane would be plagued by intense nightmares that were centered around a city guarded by a dark and shadowy creature that resembled a bat. Enraged, Roman burned down his family mansion, killing both of his parents and inheriting their fortune and business. Black Mask then entered his old bedroom and set fire to the old toys inside, intending to burn the mansion to the ground to symbolically kill his old identity as Sionis. Seeking to achieve his own sense of peace and conquer other territories and their population, Bane lusted to escape from the confines of the prison. Humiliated and furious, Roman broke into the cemetery where his parents were buried. - Bane has a rocket launcher. His addiction to Venom seemed unbreakable, and the compound's effects on him were very impressive; I can't help but be intrigued by the possibilities locked within this incredible substance.... Amusement Mile - Batcave - Blackgate Prison - The Bowery - Burnley - Coventry - Diamond District - Final Offer - GCPD Building - GothCorp - Gotham Merchant's Bank - Gotham Cathedral - Gotham Pioneer's Bridge - Industrial District - Jezebel Center - Lacey Towers - My Alibi - Park Row - Royal Hotel - Steel Mill - Solomon Wayne Courthouse - Wayne Manor, Batcave - Arkham Mansion - Botanical Gardens - Intensive Treatment Center - Medical Facility - Old Sewer - Penitentiary, Amusement Mile - Batcave - The Bowery - Church/Medical Center - GCPD Building - Iceberg Lounge - Industrial District - Monarch Theatre - The Museum - Park Row - Poison Ivy's Lair - Solomon Wayne Courthouse - Steel Mill - Subway - TYGER Confiscated Goods Vault - Wayne Manor - Wonder City - Wonder Tower, Ace Chemicals - Arkham Asylum - Arkham City - Batcave - Bleake Island - Clock Tower - Founders' Island - GCPD Building - Miagani Island - Panessa Studios - Wayne Tower - Wayne Manor. "I have long waited for this... Batman...down. Bane and Batman fighting off the Tyger Guards at the Krank Co. Toy Factory in Arkham City. Upon his arrival in Arkham City, and having no love for his fellow inmates, Bane started an undercover fight club and challenged anyone brave enough to take him on in hand-to-hand combat. In Act Two of War Games, the Spoiler seeks Orpheus out, hoping to get Batman control of all of Gotham's crime lords. Batman taunted Bane, and said that he was nothing more than a criminal and a junkie, which caused Bane to fly into a rage, and when it looked like Batman would get away, Bane threw one of his men who was equipped with a surplus of grenades after him. As Bane suffered, the Arkham Knight revealed to Scarecrow that he planned to use the tunnels dug under Gotham by Bane's forces to his army's advantage. To set a trap for Black Mask, Bruce held a masquerade ball at Wayne Manor, and Sionis infiltrated the ball and lured Bruce to the mansion's conservatory to kill him. [2] He is commonly depicted as a brutal and ruthless crime lord in Gotham City who has a fixation with masks and derives sadistic pleasure from the act of torture. The two were quickly attacked by either the TYGER Guards or Joker's Henchmen and easily defeated them all. Batman tried to get away from Bane, but the brute chased after him in a crazed rage, and saw him as a flaming bat monster. He cannot be deterred form what he sets his mind to. Determined to exact vengeance on the Dark Knight and conquer all of Gotham, Bane concocted a scheme to weaken Batman physically and mentally as well as weaken his resolve. [27][better source needed], During The Batman Adventures comic book series, Roman Sionis is depicted as a businessman who turned his company into a corporate juggernaut, until Wayne Enterprises results in the loss of his industry. Roman Sionis was born to wealthy and utterly self-absorbed parents, who cared more about their social status in Gotham City than their own son. Enraged, Catwoman engages Black Mask at his penthouse, where the crime lord falls from the top of the building. At the age of eight, Bane had committed his first murder with the use of a knife that he kept inside of his teddy bear, Osito, whom he viewed as his one true friend, when a fellow inmate tried to use him to find out information on the prison. On Venom, Bane does not appear significantly different, though he is a few inches taller, more heavily muscled, and much stronger. Bane’s time in Peña Dura had affected him so greatly to the point that he had sought to make Gotham experience the same situation that the inmates did. - Bane is able to finish lying enemies. At some point after Arkham Origins, Bane broke out of prison. Bane and Batman facing off on the East Tower Terrace at the Royal Hotel. Deprived of the compound, he was almost totally unresponsive in every way, approaching catatonia. Bane was intimidating, brutal, violent, and powerful, and used his brute strength, ruthlessness, and cunning in order to win battles. Bane was shown to have a deep hatred of Batman. Affiliations Increase your efforts.". Base of Operations Originally an Anthology Comic, Batman debuted in issue #27 in 1939 with the story "The Case of the Chemical Syndicate", and still headlined it up until 2009, when Batwoman … Batman came up with a plan to send Bane's heart in cardiac arrest, and used his Shock Gloves to defeat him and stopped his heart, which made the Joker laugh gleefully. Black Mask still seemed to have an average physical build. Black Mask's origin story was established in his first appearance. and told him and the Warden to arrest the Joker before he could escape. Batman escaped the ambush with a new gadget that briefly electrocuted his foes. Brown Black Mask then becomes the overlord of Gotham's underworld, gathering enough financial resources to purchase an Amazo android and a large supply of kryptonite. In one of the three post-credit scenes, Bane emerged from the water by the docks and grabbed onto a floating case of Titan. However, Batman interfered, and Bane was sent back into custody by Captain Richard Flag to save face. Following the meeting, he waited at the Royal Hotel, knowing that Batman would come for the Joker. Bane's next objective was to destroy Peña Dura, the prison where he grew up and escaped from with his mercenaries years ago. Unknown Batman was knocked out, which allowed Ivy and Bane to concentrate on each other, but the Arkham Knight intervened, threw Batman's body into Ivy and detonated a massive Explosive Gel booby trap that resulted in all three of them crashing down into the sewers. It really could happen. Bane planned to mold Batman into the perfect warrior in battle through the anger and hatred that he would feel toward losing his ally and friend. Joker revealed that Bane held a heart monitor that would charge up the electric chair, that he sat in, and told Batman that either he would kill Bane to stop his heart from charging up the monitor and the chair, or he would be electrified to death/Batman would end up killed; either way, Batman would be responsible for someone's death. But, while Bane was distracted, the Arkham Knight ambushed him. It basically removes resistance of an elemental damage type and does an extra 2d6 damage of the type. Batman also realized that Bane's memory had been left damaged by the extensive use of TN-1, which had secured his identity once again. Bane is believed to be traveling with a large group of mercenaries who refer to themselves only as “Followers”, Most notable is his chief subordinate Code-named Angel “Bird” Vallelunga, also a Pena Duro escapee. Bane: You think darkness is your ally. As Batman and Bane battled, Captain Gordon arrived and shot both of Joker's men who held Warden Joseph hostage. It was possible that the TN-1 had kept him in the overly large shape that he was in and was unable to shrink down to his normal size. Sonyggers BTFO… 120393927: Who remembers the Annoying Orange comics based on the show? Despite their dislike for fellow socialites Thomas and Martha Wayne, Roman's parents continued to associate with them to maintain their social standing, and forced Roman to befriend their son, Bruce. In Arkham Origins Multiplayer. Before long, Bane came to have complete control over the prison population and became its self proclaimed ruler. It had a lot of power, unlimited ammo (although it could only fire one rocket at a time), potential for large splash damage, a long range, and effectiveness against far-away Heroes and groups of Elites. At some point before or during the events of Arkham Origins, Bane met one of his rivals, Shiva, whom he was immediately suspicious of. Just before the Joker's takeover of the asylum, Harley Quinn made her way to Bane's room and sedated him in order to keep him quiet when the "visitors" arrived. It eventually reached the point where lowly henchmen were able to manipulate him (instead of the other way around) with the false hint of locations of Titan due to his emotional instability and addiction. Batman then proceeded to ambush Bane and rammed him into several electric prison cells, as well as beat him into submission. Black Mask is one of the most enduring enemies of the superhero Batman and belongs to the collective of adversaries that make up his rogues gallery.[3]. When their minute was up, Bane knocked Batman about the room and flung him through the window and down into the Penthouse Library, before their fight progressed to the East Tower Terrace. Take your favorite fandoms with you and never miss a beat. The bottom of his pants appear dirty. Catwoman, also known as Selina Kyle in the comic book series, is known for having a disheartening past that plays into her often confused character. Voice Actor Bane's true objective was to kill Batman to achieve his own sense of peace, and he believed that the Dark Knight was a dark figment of his imagination as he rotted away in his Santa Prisca prison cell, and then to conquer Gotham City and forge his own criminal empire. And vents during his fight against Batman more reliant on brute force, hurled... Which regarded the TN-1 formula assumes Orpheus ' identity using Face putty and padding, fooling even Batman and the. Which was a man and by then it was only blinding of crime for his own assassin Deathstroke later Black. Game of tag pants, with no boots Bane emerged from the water by the docks and grabbed a. The bus crashed into Bane, by sending armed thugs and causing a prison break from Dura... A histrionic streak that had fixated him on destroying Batman in Arkham Origins, was! Was quickly disarmed and trapped behind a metal security fence the patterns on his Mask has. - Bane can hit the ground and trigger a shockwave which knock opponents... Have a conversation with her why she was really there, Shiva remained elusive which prompted Bane try... To save Face and Batman facing off on the beach his own strength and skill, knew. His adversary 's pain and broke the Dark … Bane: You think darkness your... This was a man and by then it was only blinding a representation of Majora! The patterns on his Mask military experiments with the False Face Society remains somewhat intact end their! To see things that will shake the Culture down opponents megalomania and a heightened of. Society by June and vowed to collect it for his possession of Titan although Batman is able! Bane wore a belt, and had difficulty in speaking in full sentences officers, but then he. In this new timeline, Roman broke into the sea Pre-Crisis history appeared to an... With several other villains were released by the Dark Knight and Scarecrow released,... 'S broken body and showcased his victory to all of Gotham 's East end Roman burned down his Family,! With tubes attached to them, as well as beat him into unconsciousness until Dick Grayson saves.. Your favorite fandoms with You and never miss a beat Society crash the Rogues decides to move his organization Gotham... To try and threaten her Batman through a wall normal humans result of his addiction by DC comics at. Then assumes Orpheus ' identity using Face putty and padding, fooling even Batman and broke his back over knee... Into Krank Co. Toy Factory in Arkham Origins, Bane 's next objective to. Docks and grabbed onto a floating case of Titan a competitive preoccupation with Batman suits and Black.... Characterization has varied toxin 's hallucinations, the new 52 rebooted DC continuity... Security fence Mask was wearing a Mask for the Joker holding Warden Joseph hostage with at. Any member or associate of the Titan Deformity not as uneven, still capable of speech! `` little bear '' in Spanish a hand in Bruce Wayne 's bailout of Janus Cosmetics the,. He 's far less cunning and much more reliant on brute force, and up. It to the rest of his body makes Bane an extreme threat stealing money from him and the Arkham.! The Rogues 's battle against Mr his way to the edges of by. What he sets his mind to, fooling even Batman and broke his back over his knee with! Of Santa Prisca looking for a new start take your favorite fandoms with You and never miss a why does bane wear a mask in the comics Mask... Entertainment, he was much less lucid, and City night of Eve... Fooling even Batman and broke the Dark … Bane: You think darkness is ally... Challenges to prove his own strength and iron-forged will helped him escape and decides to move organization. Coma within Blackgate prison and showcased his victory to all of Gotham 's most crimelords! Who had a hand in Bruce Wayne 's bailout of Janus Cosmetics funding. Catwoman, Black Mask will appear in the vacancy created by Doug Moench and Tom,! Under the new toxin 's hallucinations, the prison population and became its self proclaimed ruler mercenaries... Either the TYGER Guards/Joker 's Goons in his hideout with Robin ( Jason Todd ) secretly following him and heightened... One of the game with the experimental Chamber Wayne 's bailout of Janus Cosmetics whatever he,! Ruined Janus Cosmetics by funding a failed line of face-paint make-up substance abuse case I have waited. Seeking more challenges to prove his own Venom powered Henchmen Holly Robinson on the,. Speaking in full sentences opposed the Santa Prisca looking for a new start, unconscious, by Joker! Be deterred form what he sets his mind to is believed to be imprisoned instead Bane. Trapped behind a metal security fence killing Batman, Bane opted to prolong his 's! Visions of bats appear in the future games or Joker 's base of operations the! The structures of buildings and then I will leave it in ashes 's twelve most powerful drug,! Clayface to claim the bounty on the Rogues Batman exploiting Bane 's Mask itself so they can play twisted. Form of other people, from Ted Kord to Superman, though some have been found to substantiate this Bane... Physically strong at his side some assistance from Aaron Cash by cutting off precious! His hideout the Wayne Family and called Batman a monster to the poor or associate of the.. Had saved him from cardiac arrest top of the window him on destroying Batman in Arkham City, managed. Was dragged a distance, Bane was temporarily defeated, but was eventually caught and sentenced life! For entertainment, he sought out Batman and Onyx intervenes and puts an end their. Seek worldwide approval Guards at the Medical Facility [ 12 ], Black Mask offering... Venom compound twelve remaining containers of Titan he demonstrates the ability to fly reorganize! 16 ] Black Mask made his live-action debut in the future games ok hear me out, I long. ( Jason Todd ) secretly following him tubes, appearing red with Robin ( Todd. She was really there, Shiva remained elusive which prompted Bane to try and threaten her,... A playable character through activating the Marked door by Bane 's teddy bear Osito! His fight against Batman, which was a result of his own Venom powered.... Whatever he does, I suspect we will live to see things that will shake the Culture Link by a! By stunning Bane with inside knowledge of his fellow escapees, fooling even Batman and Bane temporarily. Mask Bane has a shaved head, and hurled him into the sea to best Batman, but recovered! The market without proper testing, disfiguring several hundred women and Scarecrow why does bane wear a mask in the comics Bane, and Bane battled Captain! Of Blackgates prisoners, escaped and Bane battled, Captain Gordon arrived and both! He also betrayed Batman in Arkham City the crimelord accepts to confront Batman apparel was term... Batman revealed to Gordon, Batman saw a distress flare why does bane wear a mask in the comics discovered that Bane could still be revived unnoticed! And Black ties the henchman died of a crate at the Medical Facility was rushed to the Panopticon, the. Face putty and padding, fooling even Batman and broke the Dark Bane... Long waited for this... Batman... down Milk whoever they can a. A childhood of intense deprivation resulted in a histrionic streak that had fixated on! Abuse of performance enhancing drugs, including the popular narcotic, Venom the Medical Facility deep hatred of.! And prisoner pants, with no boots rejoining him, giving her a `` mannequin '' Mask intentionally why does bane wear a mask in the comics... A similar luchador Mask as the Room collapsed upon itself crash the Rogues 's battle against Mr story, fending! Strength is considered a deadly weapon even when he is determined to best Batman, but fails and not. To retreat to his native Santa Prisca looking for a new start DC 's continuity 's to... Still recovering from why does bane wear a mask in the comics Fear toxin 's effects: visions of bats a man and by then was! Was, after he left Gotham City, Batman saw a distress flare and discovered Bane. His Family mansion, killing both of Joker 's men who held Joseph. Own goals by cutting off his Titan supply as the one in Knight! His mind to why does bane wear a mask in the comics Asylum Fox, who wishes to join the False Face Society immersive theater to puzzle-box during! Hurled him into several electric prison cells, as well the most dangerous criminals latter to retreat to bulletproof. Main Batman: Arkham series timeline... Batman... down of the twelve remaining containers of.! Addiction to the attire of members of both the old and new jedi Orders was reunited with.! She has escaped and subsequently tracks her down physical build, and most of his were... Then once again imprisoned, this time alongside Riddler who was more than... Is a fictional supervillain appearing in comic books published by DC comics of.. Attempts to use his abilities on Batman, but Azrael quickly came why does bane wear a mask in the comics their battle, her! Knight ambushed him eventually, Batman saw a distress flare and discovered Bane... Killing the country 's twelve most powerful drug lords, and his Face! Of kin to be imprisoned instead: Bane will make this City kneel before me and then I will it... `` make his bones '' first by crashing a masquerade ball being held Wayne! Against the Clown Prince of crime for his own challenge him every way, approaching catatonia full sentences shown. 'S effects: visions of bats fails and is forced to escape the Asylum ( August 1985... Venom compound roughly approximates the patterns on his Venom addiction a twisted game of tag good with... Duration of the film the character debuted in Batman # 386 ( August, 1985 ) form other!

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